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Captioner by day, writer by night, filmmaker on the weekend. I get way too emotionally invested in fictional characters and drink way too much herbal tea.

Show the world we want a phone worth keeping! #phonebloks

Show the world we want a phone worth keeping! #phonebloks

— 10 months ago

So I’ve been trying to stay off the internet as much as possible during this trip, to force myself to actually get out there and enjoy my time in this country as much as I can. 

But I just saw the new trailer and HOLY CRAP I NEED MY PEOPLE.

PS: I really have missed you guys. 

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a well known saying among my people

a well known saying among my people

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Earlier today...

Girl:*blah blah blah* Hunger Games *blah blah*
Me:Did you say Hunger Games?
Me:Do you like the Hunger Games?!
Girl:Uh... Yeah, kinda. But I hate the ending.
Me:Oh, ok. I love it. I seem to be the only one who actually really enjoyed Mockingjay!
Girl:Oh, I just hate the last page.
Me:... What?
Girl:Yeah, it made me so mad!
Girl:She ended up with the wrong guy!
Me:... ... ... No. No, she didn't.
Girl:Yeah, she did! She picked the guy she was only ok with instead of the one she loved forever!
Me:I will fight you on this for infinity.
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#but really  #i will  #she totally had the deer in the headlights look  #i could tell i was getting ovely intense  #but did not even care  #because REALLY  #HOW? 

So, I had my 5th tumblr meet-up today. And once again, it went wonderfully!

After bohemianrider and I met up in a gorgeous park, we had a lovely brunch date (well, the brunch was satisfactory but the company was A++). And then we walked the streets of Toronto while looking for a bookstore recommended by penelopeweaving, and then discovered an awesome random book dispensing vending machine there! 

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Super quick update while I have internet time!

Finished up my time in the South, loved it. 

Spent a weekend in DC, loved it.

Caught a tortuous bus up to Boston and the waiting arms of jeniezee. Totally worth it!

Had an absolutely fantastic week. Jeney is every bit as caring and hilarious and wonderful IRL as she is online. Heck, she baked me cinammon blueberry muffins while I was sleeping! 

We went apple-picking, watched tv together, plenty of fangirling, constant delicious food… 

Now, following an even more tortuous (16 hour) bus trip, I have arrived in Canada! Looking forward to seeing Toronto over the next few days before I head back into the States for the Midwest portion of my trip. 

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#jeniezee  #is amazing y'all  #and boston is a delicious city  #excited to see what Toronto has to offer!  #considering my only food memory from my last trip here was Pizza Pizza haha 

After 3.5 years of magical indestructibility despite my constant clumsiness, my poor phone has finally met its end. 

And of course it’s while I’m over here, relying upon it for literally e v e r y t h i n g. 

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#I have a symbiotic relationship with my iPhone  #I provide it electricity and it provides me everything ever  #Only now it is dead and I don't even know what to do  #First world 21st century problems much  #But really  #I cannot contact anyone at all  #At home or here  #asdfghjkl  #This is not good 

Ugh dude, this election is actually depressing, and I’m glad I missed most of the run up coverage to it….But super, super glad you’re enjoying yourself xo

Not gonna lie, i was suuuuper sick of it all when I left. But now that I’m here, I’m getting all patriotic and 

and wishing I was there haha

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Today marks exactly one week in the United States. What a week.

I haven’t been on tumblr at all because I don’t have much internet access at the moment, so I hope you’re all doing well! I’ve been having a blast with a best friend, exploring Georgia and South Carolina. 

So far, my time in the US has involved:

- Getting to know the South for the first time

- Trying (and hating) (and then liking a little) sweet tea


- Swimming in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time in Charleston, SC

- Shooting a short film about getting attacked by a shark

- Succeeding in not actually getting attacked by a shark


- Enjoying coffee for the very first time (Hello, Pumpkin Spice Latte) 

- Dying from the heat and humidity (but also loving it as a change from winter at home)

- Beating the heat with all the Sonic slushes

- Keeping up with the Federal Election at home today


I’ve got two more weeks in the South before starting my trip up the East Coast. Any suggestions for things I must see, try or do while I’m down here? :)

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sponsormusings asked: OMG AG, so jealous! Have a fabulous time (I know you will!) And remember to tell me all about it!!!!


I can’t believe we literally just missed being on the same continent again! I hope you’re adjusting to home and post-holiday life well. I’m having a blast over here :) Haven’t had much internet this past week, but I should have more going forward and I will try to keep you posted on any exciting happenings :D

Right now, I am sitting here at 1:30am, glued to the election coverage! It’s so weird not being there! Especially since not a single person over here has any knowledge of it at all haha. While I’m sleeping tonight, our nation is having a massive moment and I’m missing it. (But I did my democratic duty and postal voted before I left haha)

But oh man, what I wouldn’t give for an election day sausage sizzle right now ;)

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